Composite material is structural material made of carbon fiber, resin, metal, ceramic and other matrix materials. As a new non-metallic material, it has broad application prospects. First of all, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace and other military fields. With the deepening of military applications, the related manufacturing and application technologies are becoming more and more mature, which has led to the great development of carbon fiber composites in civil applications, mainly in mechanical and electronic, building materials, stylistic, chemical, medical and other fields, and it is rapidly replacing traditional metal materials to be best choice of structural materials.


   With the increasing demand for cutting new materials, composite material cutting machine emerges in this background. New material and new technology will lead to diversification of cutting application requirements. Oak Composite Gemmy Cutting Machine with its own advantages can greatly meet the cutting application of the main composite materials. The main cutting materials in this industry include glass fiber, carbon fiber, canvas, asbestos, sports goods and so on.

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