As people's consumption psychology is more green, green printing has become an important theme of the development of the industry, it demands that printing technology should be more environmentally friendly , packaging consumables continue to be environmentally friendly and economized, printing materials are easy to recycle and reuse after discarded, can also be biodegradable to achieve pollution-free, low-pollution packaging.Digital printing is a relatively green way of printing about environmental protection. 
      With the rapid development of our national economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the purchasing quality of  urban and rural residents will continue to improve, thus driving the sustained and rapid growth of China's consumer goods market, and further promoting the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry through industrial chain transmission. At present, China's economy is in a transitional period,and emerging industries such as e-commerce, express logistics, electronic communications and other industries have become the national economic growth points. In general, the market demand of China's packaging and printing industry will continue to maintain a steady and rapid growth momentum, and the demand for high-end packaging and printing market will further increase.

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